How “The Lazy” to lose weight using Chinese medicine massage therapy

There are a lot ways to lose weight, but do you know any way for the lazy people without rebounding of weight? The best Kent massage centre, Natural Ways Health are going to introduce a most healthy and effective weight loss method from massage of traditional Chinese medicine without the need for diet, without too much exercise, which is more and more favoured by young people. ...massage therapy in kent

Every women and men want to have a fit and beautiful body. To achieve that, all kinds of weight loss methods are being used, such as liposuction surgery, Diet, exercise, and many other followers to lose weight. The Chinese massage now regain the attention and chosen by more people, especially by those busy worker, the lazy.


Actually, massage therapy itself is a way to exercise fat without your any effort, all you need is to to lie in bed easily "do" exercise. When you are doing the whole-body massage massage, it can be said to pass through the passive movement to achieve the purpose of weight loss, which is very suitable for the lazy who do not do enough sport.
The principle of weight loss is to suppress appetite. Dr Yang from Natural way health centre located in center of Kent  pointed out that from the Chinese medicine point of view, generally speaking, those people who has very strong appetite mostly uncoordinated internal, as they spleen and stomach problems, and more humidity inside, Phlegm and qi deficiency. The obesity can be improved using proper Chinese massage. kent massage to reduce weight


Massage to reduce weight in the body is to surface meridians in direction in pressing, massaging and other practices, and for some points (such as Chengman, Burong meridian, etc.) requires more stimulus. With a specific combination of massage techniques, 12 meridians, conditioning organs function, inhibition of appetite, eliminate abnormal hunger and fatigue, improve microcirculation, balance yin and yang, so that the body of excess fat to accelerate the decomposition of metabolic into energy, to achieve the purpose of weight loss. 


Each massage therapy consists of three stages, a total of about 40 minutes, 10 times for a course of treatment. 


Massage are suitable for

  • Obese children who are born or by excess nutrition 
  • adolescents who are obese every year.
  • obese women after delivery a baby
  • middle-aged obese women by less activity or endocrine disorders
  • obese women due to endocrine system part of the physiological changes 
  • Men with “Drinking Belly” by long-term drinking
  • whose weight tends to be normal but uneven body shape.
  • who have used a variety of weight loss methods but poor results.

massage therapy ose weight








--- written by Dr Yang,  Natural ways health, Best Kent massage centre. 


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